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Displaying personalized content to a user

Hey Bubble community!

I’m building a meal delivery platform (imagine doordash or instacart) where user’s will be able to create custom meal plans based on criteria (taste preferences, dietary restrictions, nutrition goals) and get meals/groceries that fit those criteria delivered to them.

So, imagine I have all these criteria (data) in a database and when a user signs into the app I only want them to see food/options that match their criteria. I know I’ll need to use an algorithm in a 3rd party system for the filtering but how would I show a user their specific results when they sign in?

Similar to how facebook or twitter show a newsfeed that’s personalized…

Thanks so much!

Example: User signs in and sees a RepeatingGroup of items which match what they have specified as their criteria. The RepeatingGroup would just need to ‘Do a search’ for ‘Meal Plans’ where ‘taste preference’ ‘is in’ ‘Current’ User’s’ ‘Taste Preferences’ and ‘dietary restriction’ ‘is in’ ‘Current’ User’s’ ‘Dietary Restrictions’ and so on…

Amazing!!! thanks so much William :slight_smile:

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