Issues with workflows loading

Hello I have a page that is starting to act strange. It has multiple buttons with lots of different workflows that deal with custom states, file uploads, Chat gpt, repeating groups, and text/file database changes on the page all based on certain inputs. For the most part it was working fine but after the 3rd/4th workflow button is pressed it starts to load slowly and never finishes loading. The loading bar on the screen just moves slowly across the screen and then stops at about 95% completion. It happens all whichever workflow I trigger the 3rd time or 4th time. The workflows work just fine if the are the first or second triggered. I am also getting a workload usage spike which is probably a sign I am using too much data. I am not sure if I can create backend workflows on this page because it deals with a lot of page elements such as repeating groups and inputs. Do you know the reason why this issue is occurring? Here are some screen shots showing it taking forever to load and some of my workflows.