Item visibility will not toggle within empty RepeatingGroup

Hello fellow Bubblers-

I want users to know when a RepeatingGroup runs out of items, so I created a text box with a conditional visibility toggle. The text box should show up when the group it’s part of has no image to display (the group gets the image from the RepeatingGroup in which it is nested, and the image shows empty when the RepeatingGroup runs out of items).


I could not get the text box to show up even though the app says the correct condition has been met.

I tried this with an image as well with the same result. Is this expected behavior or a bug? I am guessing this has to do with the repeating group being empty, and am very hopeful for suggestions/workarounds.

I tried various layering configurations, including placing the text box at the front of the stack but still within the RepeatingGroup. I have also tried referencing the RepeatingGroup directly instead of the Group inheriting from the RepeatingGroup.


One other strange behavior I noticed is if I load the page with the RepeatingGroup empty to start, the text box and image don’t show up in the Inspect window at all. Loading it again with data, I can see the text box and image as invisible, then when iterating through the group until empty, as stated above, the text box and image still show up in Inspect, but they do not respond to the condition change even though it evaluates as true.

Thanks in advance for any help on this!

What does this mean? Are you trying to make it so you have a repeating group that looks like

Item A
Item B
Item C
No more items

If so, the text should be below the repeating group and not inside it, as repeating groups display a list of data which in this case is Items A-C. Repeating Groups don’t ‘show’ empty data / when they run out of items.

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That is indeed the desired behavior. This worked, thanks for the swift reply!

In case anyone else runs into this, here is the functional object placement:


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