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Items Disappearing from Repeating Group


I am building an order/inventory management app and am coming across an issue where the list items in a repeating group are disappearing after a certain action.

The issue occurs when I am creating a new order and am adding new line items (bundles) to the order. I can add multiple bundles (via a view/edit popup) to the order fine and they all display correctly in the repeating group.

But if I view one of the existing bundles in the repeating group and then try to add a new bundle, all the existing bundles in my repeating group disappear.

This issue only appears when creating a new order. When I’m doing the same actions for an existing order, it works fine.

I’m using a custom state (list of bundles) for the repeating group data source, so some action must be clearing this custom state when the view/edit bundle popup appears but only after viewing an existing bundle. The view/edit bundle popup is triggered via a reusable element on the order form.

Here’s a video demo (40 seconds) of the issue:

I’ve been trying to fix this issue for a number of days but am still stuck. So any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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