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[SOLVED] New repeating group content won't display at all

My page rendered perfect, but after testing a floating group there, a repeating group won’t display no matter what I do: deleted the floating group, tested in Safari and Chrome, set the visible on/off etc.

If a create a new one it works, but if I copy the repeating group or any of its contents, they will be hidden too.

Page result

Created another page, and ANY new content on a repeating group won’t display. Sent a support message, I had a page totally messed up:sob:

Is it not copying the data source?

Not displaying it…

That’s odd. Do you have some constraints set up incorrectly? Like an accidental “isnt” when it should be an “is”? Or something of that nature?

No conditions…I just filled a bug report ( abou it, I’ll keep you posted.

Well you’re not setting the data source, so the list is empty, so the repeating group is hidden.

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Ok, thanks. Is it possible to change the behavior in this case: add to ToDO List “remember to fill out the data source”. Since it was filled once, that’s was hard for me to figure out.

PS - I’m having an issue with LasPass - it tries to capture every text field in Bubble as a sign up, so it happens a lot when I click a field to type, LasPass open its panel asking to record that data…maybe it deleted the info there. I’ll just uninstall LasPass and stick to 1Password.

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Had thought the same about last pass. It is very keen on bubble fields !

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We can’t really do that, since you could also use an action to fill the relating group

I understand, but the actual behavior was hard to debug for me - I could not link the visibility issue with the data source in blank. Maybe something more obvious in inspector…