Items grouped by Category

Hello, I have been trying to put together a list where items are grouped by their ticket number and sectioned by their categories.

Both ticket and category table are the parents of items table. I want to constraint the item repeating group to both contain the ticket number and category. But I can only constraint by one of the two factors.

Can anyone help? Thanks.

Hi @betterdayny2019

Have a look here for some food for thought. Not sure if it exactly solves your question but you should be able to group / constrain as needed using the :group by function.


Thanks for response

Once I constraint items by their category, I can no longer constraint them by ticket.

test script

I tried the group by function. It works well with one constraint, let’s say category. Once I group again with ticket number, items are displayed both from ticket 1 and 2.

I got it figured out. Thanks for your help, it helped a great deal.

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