Sort your category man!

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I think here is a simple question :slight_smile:

My Item has one category :

and the category as a name which is a text :

I would like to display the items in repeating groups by categories so how can I filter them ?

Last questions, I would like to do like on this website :

Differents categories with differents items. As you can see they are separated.

In bubble is it better to do differents reapting groups or only one with specials functions ?

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Romain da (#Noob)

You can have 1 repeating group with multiple conditionals. Here are some similar forum posts.


Lots of examples of this in previous posts.

It does need a bit of mind bending, but you need to search for unique categories, sort that, then search for items in that category.

So instead of finding items, then sorting them by category. You find categories, sort them, and find the items.

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ok thanks to you two I gonna try ! I come back too you !

BIG THANKS ! to you two !
I finally followed your process Nigel and it works !

Now how can I want to determine the order of the categories…

Is it possible to choose a number for each category to choose the order they are sorted ?:thinking:

I found the solution ! thanks to hikaru !

SO you have to add a field at category : “order” wich is a number (integer for coder) and simply sort by this order !
That’s all !

Thanks to all o you guys !!:partying_face:

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