Repeating Group: Show things until sum is reached

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Simple issue I guess but no idea how to solve it.

I have a Repeating Group with products (things). Those products have a data field “price”.

Is there a way to show X products until a certain amount (sum) within the RG is reached?

Depending on the product prices the RG would have more or less items.

Hope you know what I mean.

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So this is possible, but it takes a bit of thinking about !

Firstly, you need to make sure your list is sorted on something.

Then Search for your Products (sorted) and do an Advanced Filter.

In the advanced filter you will so another search, and constrain it to be the items “higher” in the sort that the item you are working on.

Sum this up (so this is cumulative so far) and constrain the filter so that anything where the sum so far + this items amount < your target sum.

So here I am using Creation date.


@NigelG Very clever solution!

Hi @NigelG

I face similar problem. I want to show the user the list of recommended funds where it has minimum amount of investments (lets say $500 is minimum per fund) if the user says that he can invest only $1000 i should show him only 2 recomendations with 500 each.

Also i want to sum the amount in repeating group at bottom.

Need your help.

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