Iteration / Create Multiple Things

Hi - I’m trying to take a selected list of contacts and create “Request Details” (that will have other data, such as “bid”, “notes”, etc.) when the save button is clicked. Anyone have any suggestions on how to take a list of contacts/emails and bulk create other items based on the selection?

  1. [Done] Select product category and list of contacts to send request to
  2. [Done] Launch empty email in default email application with the contacts email addresses entered
  3. [Done] Create a “Detail Category” under the associated project
  4. [HELP!] List the requests sent for the corresponding detail

I surprised myself by figuring out how to get the mailto to work (which blows up in debug mode, get a progress bar and the app stops working). But now, what should be simple to create the 4-6 request lines is proving to be a huge challenge. I’ve read about the API workflows and iterating through a list, but there has to be an easier way!


I have a similar requirement (add billing records for all eligible members for a specific year), and I cannot believe the only way to do this involves registering for API workflows.

SURELY there is a simple way to add a simple list of things to an existing list of things.

Yes, iteratively creating things (or doing anything else) is simple in bubble.

Think about it… if you’re stuck, drop me a line.