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Iterative workflow - how to process a list of data? (SOLVED)

Sure, I understand.
But as a feedbacks, I let you know that most of my use cases (on my app & client’s apps) would need to run a workflow in the future on on-building list of things.

What is the interval here ‘behind the scenes’ between items?

I’m getting some blank items when running the workflow. If I knew what it was I would experiment by increasing the interval manually and seeing if I get better results.


So, I figured it out – ran some tests and calculations and it became apparent.

I have a new question and I’m going to ask it in a new thread.

So I’m using this a fair bit now. The only thing that is a bit awkward is the lack of logic support in API workflows

If I want to run a batch job via scheduled API on a list of things as described here, then I may want to take slightly different actions in the workflow depending on the contents of the individual thing.

My workaround currently is to schedule a second API call on the thing, and add a condition. This is unsatisfactory, largely because it leads to a whole raft of scheduled API calls, and if there is a second condition it would grow exponentially.

Any of the following would solve my problems

  • conditional branching logic available in API workflows
  • an equivalent to the Excel/SQL IF function so that you can return a value using IF([condition],[value if condition true], [value if condition false]_
  • possibility to have multiple Workflow APIs with the same name and different conditions, and when you call the API it would run all those that satisfy their conditions.

You can do conditional logic with custom events. in fact, you could do 1 and 3 just with that, since each custom event can have a condition.

I need to be in scheduled API because I am processing a moderate-sized list of things and it is too slow to perform in front of the user.

I don’t have custom events available from API workflow I think?

You do! If you click on ‘Add an endpoint’ you can add a custom wf.

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Oh yes, I see. Might work for some scenarios, but not for mine - I can’t pass multiple parameters into a custom event, so I can’t use it to update one object with information from another object as far as I can see.

Still I’ll have a look at refactoring my workflow when I get some more time, maybe I can make it work by splitting things up more.