[New Template] Task Management Tool

Hello everyone,
We’re thrilled to publish the following template:

It took a lot of effort to build out this kind of template. We might have missed something during the process. Please feel free to drop any questions tied to the item here.

Found a bug? Reach out via email (templates@mintflow.io).

This item supports the following things:

  • Workspace creation
  • Project creation
  • Sections, Tasks, Subtasks creation
  • Followers
  • Comments
  • Notifications within the app (no emails)
  • Invites
  • Privacy

Each user can create workspaces. Also, a user can invite other users to his workspaces and vice versa.

Team members can create projects. These projects are available for all users from a team for the specific workspace.

Sections, Tasks, Subtasks
This app provides the drag & drop possibility for sorting these elements.
Users can change the order position of these elements within the drag & drop feature.
One of the lovely features is that you can move a task to another task’s subtask list. So, the task becomes a subtask.
Also, a subtask may become a task if you move it to a section’s task list.

Users can assign tasks/subtasks to each other. There is the “Assigned to you” tab that contains a list of tasks & subtasks assigned to you.
You can change their order position as well in that section.

A user cannot create subtasks in the “Assigned to you” tab.
The system displays an assigned subtask as a task in that view.


Each task & subtask may have their followers. These followers receive some types of notifications.

Notifications within the app (no emails)

At the moment, the app supports the following notification types:
Reminder, Assign, Comment, Complete, Uncomplete.


There is another lovely possibility that allows us to invite users to each workspace.
Each workspace has its team that contains a list of users.


We also made an effort to configure the privacy part for you.
You can view all the rules in the Data > Privacy section.

In short, only users tied to each other within a workspace can view the data about them.

Note: When the workspace’s creator invites a user to the team, the team members and the invited user should refresh the page for engaging the current privacy rules.
Otherwise, the team members will see “blank” info about the invited user and vice versa.
Once the page refreshed (it requires only one time), everything works well.
Unfortunately, the Bubble doesn’t update them immediately yet.

Browser compatibility:

Edge (desktop)

Chrome (desktop)

Note: The latest Chrome’s update affected negatively the drag & drop feature here.
You can notice some glitches when you’re viewing an extensive list of tasks.

It works well for the other browsers (even mobiles).

Chrome (mobile)


Beautifully designed, manufactured in detail. I really like it!

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