It's already February!? 😱 Build your MVP with hands-on, One-on-One Tutoring!

Ever secretly dreamed of creating a Tinder for Dogs?
Or perhaps a social network for succulent enthusiasts :cactus:?
A GPT wrapper for stand-up jokes? GPT wingman?

A lot of entrepreneurs are afraid of sharing their big idea with developers, and I get it, I have a huge app idea too.
But don’t worry, I helped a lot of apps, from their seedling phase to market.
BUT, you have to start executing!

What I Offer:

  • :mortar_board: One-on-One Tutoring: It’s about you and your idea.

  • :bulb: Extensive Knowledge: From dev, responsive engine and design to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, custom plugin creation, Node.js, Express, MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase, Wordpress, Stripe subscriptions and Payments, Linux, VPS and more.

  • :globe_with_meridians: Database Integration: Connect and own your external database (spend and depend less on bubble infrastructure).

  • :video_game: JavaScript Games: I made a fantasy city simulation game, with functions to age population, match couples, make babies, get professions, set houses on land, move npcs, place different vegetation based on a Random Noise map. It’s a hobby project, but pretty fun to learn Javascript. (there is a new demand for betting games, too).

  • :robot: Web Scraping: Learn how to use Puppeteer (an automated headless Chrome - by Google), to scrape products data from Amazon, Ebay, get Google Maps info, and lots more. Scraping requires coding, but it’s pretty mind-blowing what you can achieve. Also, ChatGPT does a ton of heavy lifting for us :wink:

Why Choose Me:

  • :sparkles: Tons of Lessons: 5 years of hands-on experience in development, I also host a Youtube Channel just for bubble tutorials, and recorded over 120 hours of lessons for 300+ Brazilian bubblers (most of all, I enjoy building and teaching).

  • :earth_americas: English, Native Spanish and Portuguese, you can choose :slight_smile:

  • :rocket: Real-world Execution: I’m the creator of Zaploop, the WhatsApp API used by over a 1000 bubblers. LOTS of business tips on what worked for me.

  • :speech_balloon: Open Q&A: Get real-time assistance during our sessions.


  • :money_with_wings: $30 USD per Hour: Value-packed sessions to make learning accessible.

How to Get Started:

:spiral_calendar: Book a Session: Visit my Calendly link to schedule your one-on-one tutoring session.
Schedule Link Here :point_left:

:calling:Or get in touch: Send me a WhatsApp message on +5548991854014, or email me at:

It’s amazing the progress people make in a couple of hours in Bubble :heart:

Best regards, Thiago Woroszczuk

It’s already February!?
Nope, false start :grinning:


Geez, my bad! Took too much coffee today!

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