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Private Bubble Lessons by Skype

Hey fellow Bubblers!
My name is Levon and I’m the founder of Bubblewits - a certified Bubble partner.
just wanted to let you know that beside helping you build your app we are also doing private lessons via skype.
please check also this thread for some information about Bubblewits and a few feedback from users that we have helped to build their apps.

Reach out to us either here on forum or through “request quotation” form at


Nice. What is your hourly charges?

Currently it’s only 50 USD per hour, but it’s planned to increase soon.

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Sound like a plan. Will keep in mind. I thought I read 5 USD an hour lol.


Hey Bubblers, I just worked with Levon (above) for a session and it was awesome. I almost don’t want to share this in fear he will get too busy for my private lessons. He is very smart, understands what i’m trying to accomplish, listens very well and makes suggestions to make it happen. I’m in the US and there is no communication barrier at all, his english is perfect. After just one 1hour session (which he is generous with) he walked me through almost every issue that I was banging my head on the wall over. He taught me to overcome the problem and not just solve it for me. I’m getting my product built while building my bubble skills! I’ll likely be buying sessions in packs if he will let me. Don’t waste your life trying 1000 different solutions, really make progress with pro help from someone like Levon at Bubblewits.


1 hour with Bubble can be very productive. Nice to hear you provide this customized service, so small cases have a pro support too.


Daivd, thanks for a generous feedback! I really appreciate it and glad that I was helpful :slight_smile: would love to work more with you!

Thanks, I’m very passionate about Bubble platform and very eager to help others learn it.


Thanks a lot for your time @levon.

Just made an hour lesson and you´ve been so helpful even for a newbie like me.

I would recommend to anyone starting with Bubble to have a 1 hour consultation.


Thank you too, Nacho! Happy I was helpful :slight_smile: Would love to work again with you ))

Hi, Bubblers! I want to recommend Levon as a great Bubbler teacher and a reliable assistant in buiding your apps. We have carried out 2 Skype sessions so far and moved well ahead saving me at least 3 weeks of time! He speaks fluent Russian if you need. I like his style of teaching and his focus, and 60 minutes with him can really accomplish a lot! :slight_smile: :+1::+1::+1:


Thank you very much Asan for your feedback, happy to work with you again :slight_smile:

Hey Bubblers, just a quick update that due to busy schedule I have to revise my rate for skype calls to $75 per hour.

Just another recommendation for @levon. He helped me complete the payment processing part of my app in less than an hour! I had been trying to figure out the API workflow part of Bubble for days, and in a matter of 30 minutes, over Skype, we had it working.

I will definitely use Levon and Bubblewits again for any complex parts of my app. :+1: