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🚀 It's Live Errbody! Introducing TriviaScout, My First Public Bubble App

I’m super excited to finally have pushed my first live Bubble app.

:rocket: v1.0 of

I’ve been messing around with Bubble since 2017, and always gotten my projects to about 70% done, then lost interest and never pushed over the finish line.

Not this time!

My goal for 2022 is to rapidly create a bunch of websites, and see if any of them get any traction.

If they do, I’ll stick with them. If not, straight to the :wastebasket:

I spent the past 3 days working on TriviaScout, my first project.

What’s TriviaScout?

My friends and I love going to weekly trivia nights at restaurants, and after moving, there wasn’t a good way to find out where they’re happening anymore! We were literally going off of a 3+ year old Reddit post.

My goal is to be the top result in Google when people search “trivia near me”. To do this quickly, I’ll be manually looking on Yelp, Facebook, etc and trying to get data for a few major cities entered.

How would it make money?

At first, allowing restaurants to promote their trivia nights and themed events. However, I don’t anticipate much :moneybag: there - selling to restaurants and bars is tough.

My goal eventually would be to evolve this into a SAAS for trivia hosts and organizations to easily use. Invoicing, scoring, leagues, managing hosts, etc - I was a trivia host at one point, so I saw the frustrations first-hand.

So here we go!

I created this with the new responsive engine, so I’m happy to answer any questions, and would love feedback as well.

If you want to get updates on this project and others I’ll be launching in the future, follow me on Twitter (@CALinguini).