Thank you Bubblers!

Everyone here has been super supportive, helpful, and friendly. Your generosity has made working with Bubble an awesome experience. You are all a class act, and I just wanted to say that!

For those interested, here is Phase 1 of our project. It is a trivia game for bars, that will do as much for marketing the bar, as it will be a fun game to play. There will be many more phases.

We start rolling out in a few days. If you have comments, thoughts and ideas that will make what we are doing even more successful we would love to hear.

Kudos to Paul, my techie guy, who has learned bubble from scratch in last 5 months to do this.

  • curt

link is not working for me :frowning:

Who knew you had to spell things correctly??? I have fixed issue. Apparently Live is spelled Live not Liv

Hi Curt,

Looking good so far.

I’d recommend enabling the subdomain to use https

Also on the signup it might be worth adding some padding to the inputs, that’s a minor thing.

I’ve found that when selecting a game type other than ‘Play best score’ its one question at a time, then kicked back to the quiz lobby, its a not quite fluid as I’d expect from a quiz, maybe re-word the options. Also could be good for users to have a category they can choose where the questions get pooled from, rather than general knowledge.

Anyhow good luck with the build.

Thanks Luke,

SSL will be put in place, Categories coming. Agree with the fluid comment. Padding noted.

Thank you.

  • curt
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