#QUIZANTINE Trivia App made on Bubble (feedback WELCOMED)

Hello Bubble Community!

Any trivia fans in here? I just launched Quizantine, a virtual trivia app which has proven to be quite the hit amongst my friends, family, and beyond.

Built out of necessity (we didn’t know how else to manage our players answers), Quizantine has developed into quite the tool for guaranteed socially distanced fun.

Quizantine is completely free to host and to play.

I would love if some of you would try it out! It’s simple, head to quizantine.com, press host a game, make a Zoom (or Hangouts, etc.) link, invite some friends, and get it going!




This was a fun project. And even more fun because I was able to solve a problem that many were struggling with: how to have a little fun while forced to be away from friends.

Thanks for any feedback! I hope at least of a few of you guys can have some fun with it.

PS—sorry for those who saw me respond to a freelance inquiry with similar info, I figured I may as well make it its own post.

Follow us on Instagram for updates: www.instagram.com/quizantine