I've never used an API workflow

As the title says: I’ve never used an API workflow and I’ve made some pretty heavy apps. I’m afraid that I have missed the whole concept of API’s. When reading here on the forum, I get the conception that APIs are essential.

They are indeed! :slight_smile: for many reasons:

  • Performing an action on a list (such as generating x number of Things)
  • Running scheduled workflows, even if the user has closed the app
  • Running repeated workflows, such as a weekly system cleanup
  • Speeding up the app by using parallell processing (moving workflows from the app into API workflows)
  • Allowing other systems to execute workflows in your app

That’s just at the top of my head, I’m sure others can give a lot of other good scenarios to use API workflows. They’re nowhere near as scary as they sound, I highly recommend you get to know them!


When you schedule an API workflow it basically is doing something on the backend without requiring any user to actually be present. Normally when you have a workflow run it depends on the user actually staying on the website. So API workflows are sort of hidden from the user. Does that make sense?


If you ever need to create/modify data between two apps, you should look at my forum post to get started. Scheduling API Workflows follow a similar routine.

Thank you for your answers!

@petter will absolutely get to know them. Mainly for speed reasons.

@J805 Makes sense, thanks!

@J805 Will take a look, thanks!

Yes, you’ll love it when you see what it can do to the speed of the app for the user. It really makes everything run a lot smoother.

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