Help make my workflow faster...?

I’m currently building a business management app for Volume photographers. One of the key parts of this app is creating Jobs, but the workflow is SLOW. I’m relatively new to Bubble and am hoping you guys might be able to take a look and help me make things run faster / more efficiently.

  • The three api workflows that are being scheduled are doing the following: Creating a series of job emails based on a list of email templates the job’s type is associated with.
  • Creating a series of tasks based on a list of task templates the job’s type is associated with.
  • And, scheduling a date for the job’s stage to auto advance from Planning to production based on the job’s date.

Another resource heavy action is that if this job (combo of job type & client) has been done in the past, my app can go back to last year’s job and create copies of any notes or reference images to provide extra context for THIS year’s job. This only runs if the user has a matching previous year’s job and if the user authorizes it. But, when it runs, I’m sure it’s slowing down the workflow.

Anyways, this is one of the core features of my app and I want it running as absolutely fast as possible. What can I do to speed it up? Any recommendations or glaring issues stand out to you?

Thanks in advance for any help you can throw my way.

Hi @avern87

I’m going to write a note to Bubble (@eve @emmanuel ). Is it possible to hide the part of confidential information when we share our app with others? In this case, all plugins and private keys are visible to everyone. In addition, the backup process (export) is available to anyone who wants to copy the current application and private ‘live’ data is available. Another suggestion, disabling ‘import application’.

@avern87 I recommend you once you have found a solution for the speed of your workflow to reset your keys. The first speed suggestion would be to opt for a higher plan and use the 1 hour mode at 10 units, and see how this entails your app at that speed level.

In the new BackEnd workflows (W. API), you run 3 lists simultaneously. Bubble tries to run the 3 lists at the same time and your package is not for that. You have to split the race by dividing the lists by trying to create a loop one after the other. If you are not familiar with loops, the forum tells how to do it.

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Wow. Wasn’t aware this much access was available with a shared editor. :flushed: Any recommendations on a better way to share my workflow and request help without making this much information available?

Thanks so much for your feedback by the way. Really appreciate it.

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There are a lot of good people who can help you. You have to remove your app from sharing mode, and share it only with a trusted person or someone in the forum with some experience imo.