Javascript / Google Maps Help

I want to copy a form I currently have working on my website into Bubble:

When a user selects a cemetery from a dropdown (a lookup form another table) a Google sat. map of that cemetery pops up and allows the user to click inside the map to show the location of their grave in the cemetery. When the user clicks in the map it grabs the lat. and long. of the click and places them in the correct fields on the form.

I’ll provide url of current working form in my website to those interested.

Thank you!

There’s a possible workaround to get lat. and long. from a map, but are you wanting the level of detail of an exact gravesite? I don’t think, for whatever reason, Bubble’s map gives that level of detail. I tried it on the location picker that I use, I moved down 10-12 grave sites and the lat. and long. come back exactly the same.

Bubble’s implementation, I’ve found to be, much less precise (still acceptable for sure for most use cases) than one like Google Maps Javascript API v3 Example: Add Marker with open infowindow on map click where you get 13-14 decimal places or something crazy.

In below note how lat and long are the same at the bottom but the pin/center-of-map is on a different grave site.

I’m happy to take a swing to see if I can get you close to what you want, DM me and we can talk.

Hi Greg,

I can surely help you with the same, it would be great if you can ping me on my Skype so that we can discuss it ahead;my Skype id: cis.am2

Anna J