Can this be done in Bubble?

I want to replicate this form on my website:

When a user selects a cemetery from the dropdown (a lookup form another table) a Google map of that cemetery pops up and allows the user to click inside the map to show the location of their grave in the cemetery. When the user clicks in the map it grabs the lat. and long. of the click and places them in the correct fields on the form. Since I have this built on my website I already have the code (if I can dig it out) I just need to wire it up to Bubble.

From what I’ve read so far I’m guessing it is possible. Next question: is there people I can pay to do this for me?

Your time is appreciated!


I haven’t used maps much so can’t say much on that part. Would guess it’s do-able.

The rest of this is straightforward in Bubble.

Also, there are plugins that enable you to run Javscript within Bubble. So, if your code is written in JS then it should be easy to move over to Bubble. If not, may not be all that hard to re-create in Bubble.

Thank you for your reply!

I think I’ll post in the freelance forum and see if there are any folks able to do this.