Javascript to Create a list of dates based off of week # and year

Based off of @codurly great post about creating custom calendars, I have attempted to create something similar, but with a week view, instead of a month view. I’ve failed.

The simplest way would involve creating a list of days, with JavaScript based on a week number and year. But I’m striking out. As @codurly showed in his Custom Calendar post, he used Javascript to get the dates to be displayed in a repeating group. I would assume it should be easier to get days based only on week # and year.

Anyone have any ideas?


Another way I was thinking to accomplish this:

Keep the custom calendar the same as in @codurly post. But change number of rows to 1.
Then change the actions when clicking icons to show next or previous on the repeating group.

Now you would just need to trigger a set state to + or - 1 based off of a condition.

Can’t figure out what condition that would be. Also, how to automatically scroll to the current date.

Hey, I can work on this when I am home in a few days. I will also post a non minified version for developers to edit.

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