Job Opening: Bubble Developer Interns / Work-Study Students


At Talia, a leading 100% online French university, we’re looking for a talented and motivated Bubble Developer Intern to join our team. Below are some key details:

Location: Paris, France (or remotely from GMT-2 to GMT+2 time zones)

Position Type: Full-time intern or work-study student


  • €800 per month for the internship
  • For work-study students, the salary is legally required to be based on the age and experience in France (minimum €800)


  • Proficiency in Bubble development (beginner level accepted)
  • Eligibility to work in France (EU, EEA, or Swiss citizens)
  • French language skills (preferred but not mandatory)

If you’re interested in joining our team at Talia, please send me a message with your resume directly on the Bubble forum. We look forward to hearing from you! :blush:

Please make sure you’re posting compensation in your initial message! Unpaid internships are explotative and unnaceptable of course, so important to distinct yourself in the initial communication.


You’re right @nsykes, my apologies for not clarifying. In France, unpaid internships lasting longer than two months are legally required to be paid positions. I will update my post once I have more information about it :slightly_smiling_face:

UPDATE: I’ve added the compensation. Unfortunately, we can’t say exactly for work-study students, as the salary is based on their age and experience, but it will be at least 800 euros.


Hey, I would like to thank everyone who expressed an interest in joining our team. Please be advised that the application process for our most recent open position is now closed and I am no longer accepting applications. I am in the process of reviewing all applications and will be in touch with candidates who have advanced to the next stage. Thank you for your understanding!