Looking for a senior bubble developer to coach me in exchange for unpaid internship

Hi senior bubble developers (1.5 years experience or more),

I am a college student studying IT who come from a developing country. Three months ago, I came across bubble.is and after seeing from sample projects, I was fascinated of what it can do. Lots of time and workload is saved by building apps using bubble.is. I plan to become a bubble.is developer serving for my country. Although bubble.is saves time and workload, it is not easy to learn. I purchased courses online on how to build apps using bubble.is.

Whenever I get stuck, there is no one for me to turn to. Although there are websites such as usesixty.com and coachingbubble.com, they are way too expensive for me. This is because our cost of living is much much more lower compared to developed countries such as the US and so is our salaries. For example, the starting salary of a graduate here is US800 per month and that is the salary of a high school leaver in developed countries.

I am looking for senior bubble developers (1.5 years experience and above) to coach me when I am stuck in my online lessons for 3-4 months in exchange of an unpaid apprenticeship / internship (bubble related only) for 6 months for free. This means that I will work online for you for 6 months FOC after I finish learning bubble.is online.

Please dont tell me to ask for help in bubble.is whenever I am stuck as I have done that in the past and that didnt work for me.

Thanks a lot for taking time to read my post. For those interested to grow our small community of bubble.is developers into a huge one, please PM me.

Thanks again.

Hi bubble developers,

Looks like there is no reply from Rodrigo when I first wrote to him since 2 days ago. I plea to other developers, please help me. I will help you back when I finish studying bubble.

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