Jobly template from zeroqode, anyone built something with it?

Hi, anyone built an app with Jobly template from zeroqode? I would love to pick your brains a bit.

I have decent knowledge on bubble, built some complex-ish things before., but I’m lost really on how to get my app set up on it. The forum from zeroqode on this topic is just support personnel helping out with bugs.


Hey @ZeroqodeSupport, maybe you can drop some insight here?

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Thanks Johnny for your comment. I’ve got some help with setting it up.

It would be cool to hear from anyone that built on it, to get some ideas of possibilities and connect with them.


Hi @samir.pekaz, thanks for reaching out.

In your case, from the Zeroqode side, I would recommend getting a full overview of Jobly template capacities, by following these steps:

Regarding the Jobly template showcase - I’m afraid, not all users are willing to share their apps, made on this template. The reasons are personal for each user and we do not insist on showcasing. Hope you understand. Apologies for any kind of a trouble

Hope it helps.

P.S. @johnny We are always glad to help with insights if we can :slight_smile:


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