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Join a community of 100+ Bubblers Co-Learning by Building in Public

Hi Everyone, I’m Areeb. I’ve created a group for NoCoders and aspiring visual Builders as a way for us to learn and help each other out in our journeys. This is strictly a non-commercial initiative and my goal is to simply gather people with similar interests so that I can share my learnings, provide and get feedback on the product that I’m building, and do the same for you guys!

Some of the things I’d like to explore together using NoCode/LowCode:

Become an Expert Bubble Developer
Launch my first app on Product Hunt and Similar forums
Get the confidence to build in public by doing it alongside a cohort of others in the same or similar phases in their development journey
Collect constant and relevant feedback for my products and do the same for others

Who I am:
Product Manager and Building on the side


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