JSON API GET call: Separate rows

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I’m pretty sure this issue has been discussed previously but I can’t find the right thread. I also watched the ‘Use the Etsy API from Bubble’ video tutorial, but I don’t see the solution there.

I’ve created an API get call which returns a json but when I create a data thing, it gives me all the rows together, not a list of rows.

How’s the way to get a list of different items instead of one single row with all the items in it?

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To provide more information, this is the return values I get:


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I’m currently trying to do something similar. Could you elaborate on how you solved it?


I basically display the results directly into a repeating group without creating a thing (table) first.

Creating a thing (table) with the API results is what didn’t separate the different rows from the json list.


  • I create a workflow triggered with the user’s input.
  • I create an action: plugin > API call (previously configured with the API connector plugin).
  • I created a repeating group in the design section.
  • I create an action: element actions > display repeating group (select the repeating group created in the previous step).
  • I create a visual element > text within the repating group and then select the field of the json result.

And that’s it.

Hope it helps.

Perfect, I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

Thank you so much for explaining the solution, this was driving me insane!


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