{"statusCode":400,"message":"Operation timed out -- app too busy"}

I just got a message from one of my users that he is getting this error message:

{“statusCode”:400,“message”:“Operation timed out – app too busy”}

I checked on my end and everything seemed OK. I checked the logs and everything looks good there too. Nothing out of the ordinary:

But just now I had the same error message and for sure it is not a problem with my connection. The other user is in another country and has the same issues.

Overall our app is very slow at the moment, loading takes way longer than usual, even the editor seems affected more than usual.

I have never seen this error before and it worries me because there is nothing to indicate that we indeed have a problem with capacity.

Anyone else having this today?


It’s not just you.
I checked my logs as well and we’re no where near using our server cap.

I remember a discussion about a year ago around offline support. Would be really curious to hear more about the state of this feature? @emmanuel @josh

In these cases, it is crucial for our team to be able to continue work even when offline. Syncing data to the server when back online will be huge.

However, I also think this is very challenging. Seeing how even the greats like Microsoft struggle with offline/online syncing and version management. Not as easy as it seems. So, we’ll be patient!

looking at http://status.bubble.is/ it seems there was a peak of latency this morning.
I am also curious about how other apps can affect our own apps on personal plan…

Right now I am not having any latency issue on my apps

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