URL anchor navigation

How do we add #anchorID to an internal page so we can load a page and jump to the element’s ID? I’m using a link element and want to navigate to an internal page. How do I specify the URL’s anchor for an internal page?

Also, even when I enter the anchor and navigate manually in the browser address, it doesn’t navigate to the element… https://myBubbleApp.com/version-test/home#GroupMyTraining

I created an ID for the element…

Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 4.24.56 PM

The ID attribute references a DIV id, not an A id. To get anchor links to work, try this approach:

1: Add an HTML tag at the place on the page you want the anchor tag to link to, with this content <a id="gohere"></a> in it:

2: Create an external link pointing to the same page, and add the anchor to it:

(maybe this is what you did, but adding it here for anyone else searching this space later)


Gotcha, why wouldn’t an ID added to a DIV be sufficient to navigate to that section? I normally use an ID on DIVs for this purpose.

Thanks, I’ll give an < a > a go. I guess I don’t really understand how a DIV with an ID wouldn’t / can’t work in a bubble app. I’ve avoided looking at the code generated by Bubble so far but I’ll dig in and take a look it now.

Hmm, good question: I’m so old school I never even considered that they would, but you are right - they should. Perhaps there is some “magic” going on behind the scenes if you can’t get it to work.


Google decides how the internet works now. :upside_down_face: Not indexable…. Doesn’t exist