Just curious, how often do you submit bug reports?

I just noticed that I’ve submitted 11 bug reports in the last 7 weeks. It turned out that a few of them were more along the lines of “things I wish Bubble did differently” than straight up “bugs”, but that’s probably offset by the other minor issues I’m too lazy to submit.

Anyway, although one does get tired of running into so many bugs, I’m mostly just curious, how often do you find yourself submitting bug reports?

(Can you tell I’m currently stuck and trying to avoid working? :slight_smile: )

Hi @philnauta - I’ve filed two bugs in the past year (across multiple apps). The most recent one was 2 months ago. Both were legit.

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Strangely, they kind of seem to come in waves. Might be because I learn some new technique or something that suddenly makes me aware of something that’s not quite right. I’d say maybe 2-3 times a month.

It doesn’t bother me though. For its complexity and young age, I find Bubble to be remarkably stable, and most issues I send in are small visual glitches etc.

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Generally, I’ll submit a bug report on average about once a month. (Sometimes clustered closer together).

I try to validate it in multiple apps before submitting any report and usually only if I’ve found a meaningful way to reproduce.