Submitted a Bug Report - No confirmation of report submitted

Is there a bug with the bug reporting system now?


We’re still receiving bug reports as expected, but do not see one filed from you around the time frame of your post. Please resubmit, or reach out to us directly ( if you have any more trouble.

The bug report I am concerned about would have been submitted between 3:53PM and 4:10PM yesterday Thursday July 30th 2020

We’ve got one about posting a URL into Firefox from yesterday afternoon (June 29th, 3:59 EST), is that the one you’re concerned about? If I can get context on the report itself, I would be happy to verify if it has been received by the team.

Yes that was the one. I’ve gotten a response from the team today, but the automatic response that is usually generated after submission had not been received causing my concern.

Thank you for checking in on it. Everything is fine now. The issue has been reproduced and handed over to an engineer.

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