2-days worth of Changes Disappeared (!)

This is the second time happening this week. I start working on my app this morning, only to realize that 2-days worth of updates had completely vanished. I reloaded the app multiple times, clear the browser’s cache, restarted my computer, even reverting to a previous save point doesn’t change anything…

Should I be worried?

Well, it certainly sounds a bit worrisome. Have you submitted a bug report and/or contacted Bubble support at support@bubble.io?


Yes, I did send an email to support. They had me fill out a bug report and they said they’d get back to me next week. So I’m essentially stranded until then.

That being said, the very fact that Bubble owns our codebase and a glitch in their system can essentially wipe out months of work (for clients, mind you!) has me quite worried, especially when something like this happens. I am financially liable for some of the apps I develop for clients.

This is a huge blow, honestly. Hope they can fix it.

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