Just me - or is the API connector a complete mess?

Anybody else unable to search for all the Uses of their APIs ?

I have APIs that are 100% in use … and the editor completely fails to find them. So so annoying.

Also … URL parameters are totally messed up. if I have an endpoint called.

this.andthat[aaa].and.the.other.com …

And then I make a change to it and add a parameter before the first one…

this.[bbbb]andthat[aaa].and.the.other.com …

[aaaa] has its value removed and set to Private.

Why? Why? Why?


Oh, and while I am at it.

What part of that being a time is tricky? It is litteraly a year month day and time.

How much more timey could it be? A picture of a clock???

Recognise it a time, not text. Please.

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@NigelG Your first post I agree, there’s some strange issue with API Connector.
But for the date, I disagree just because there’s no way for Bubble to know it’s a date. JSON doesn’t have a “date” type and they are like string. And I don’t want Bubble to “test” each string to see if this can be a date. It will probably slow down the API Connector a lot with big payload (That sometimes is already slow…)

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Hi @eve I was going to fill out a bug report but I think I’d be talking about the same thing as those above.

In my case my Stripe api I set up in the API connector doesnt work at all. I’m seeing on the Bubble status page partially degraded service. I assume these are connected? Essentially I have an API that allows users to link credit card to their profile but it hasn’t been working since last night.

Yeah :grimacing: … fair point there.

Wish it was easier to set a date field with a text field with a date in.

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Oh … and one that Bubble fixed previously … is now back.

Phantom Key entries being generated.

And…another one.

If you pass in a “null” value into the API Connector’s URL


If you pass in a null to the [maybe] parameter … Bubble will completely ignore that and just put whatever you have in the value in the connector setup.

EVEN if you have “allow blank”.

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Well, that was my mistake … and I have never known :slight_smile:

Action APIs appear in the “Action Type” search list.
Dat APIs appear in the “Uses API” search list.

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Where can I find the Action Type and the Uses API search list?


Thank you. But where would I find that very drop down menu, that you showed?

@emailtester32 App search tool. Click on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of the editor.

Oh thank you, I didn’t know about that.

But I am also still looking for a way to modify the existing API calls in the bubble API connector. On the plugins page they do not show up.

I have solved the last question over here: How to modify existing api calls