Keep data before registering, and push it after

hey guys, thx for your futur help ! I’ve some issues to recover project data. In my website, i have a dashboard for my users with multiple sections. When they want to create a new project, it will add it to a table were they can find all there project. (page : Myproject)

BUT, for unregistered users, I want that they can simulate a project (It’s a new way for me to lead them registering). So they simulate the project, register themselves, because i need there legals information to offer them the best solution (I’m a broker), and i want to put directly the simulate project to the dashboard section ‘my project’.

So, my question is : How can I keep the ‘simulate project’ during the registering and push it in the dashboard once the new user is register ?
can i keep data without ID and push it to a new ID automaticaly ?
(sorry if i made english mistakes, that is not my language :wink: )

Thx for your help.

Hey welcome to bubble!

I would start by reading this.

Then you can look for the post by Keith that talked about creating cookies using a JS library.

If you need more help, afterwards, let us know what you’ve tried already and what didn’t work and we’ll be happy to nudge you along :slight_smile:

Happy bubbling!

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Thx for this tip ! It’s a really good one, I managed stocking cookies and created a new data base. I get my data matching with the current user after he register (So that already a big part win :wink: ).
Now i’ll try to inject this new data in to the current user’s dashboard !

keep you in touch with my project, thx a lot !

hey duke ! Somme news from my project ! Well, I can’t figure out this step :

“Step 2. I fire off a Custom Event called “Restore Submitted Inquiry”. This custom event is configured as taking a thing of type “Temp Inquiry”. We find it in the database this way: We “Do a Search for… Temp Inquirys… where the Temp Inquiry’s unique ID is equal to what we got back from the cookie”. That search will return a list, of course, but it will only have 1 item in it (hence “:first item” appended to the end):”

I can’t make the custom event right and so, continue properly finals steps…
THX Duke !