Keep elements centered when resizing

I come from a dev background and we have an “Anchor” concept for elements. I don’t know how anchor works for bubble. How do I keep elements centered when I resize from Phone to Desktop. I don’t see any anchor options. I don’t really understand how resizing and anchors work with bubble any help is appreciated.

I’d recommend taking the Bubble tutorials for responsive mode. Programming bubble pages to be responsive is not intuitive at first. That said, once you get the hang of it, then it’s straightforward enough.

The simple answer to your question is when you’re viewing an element in responsive mode, set it to “center” aligned. This will center it between other elements on the page. So, sometimes you have to add transparent spacers or other elements to get it to work exactly the way you want.

Thank I just figured that out right before you post. I didn’t think to look in the responsive mode for Anchors. I though they would be in the Build Mode. Stuck for a couple of hours on this thing.