Keep Groups visible when page reload (entire)


I have built all my elements into groups and put them all on one element tree (screenshot below). I have set all these group elements “not to be visible on page load”, only the index page is visible on page load. I only call these group elements with “Element Actions, Toggle& hide”


I tried this condition and other options but also didn’t work, to keep the visible group visible when page load. I want this condition to override the initial condition of the group, which is not visible when page load.


The first thing that jumps out at me is the “This group is visible”. You have a condition that states “When This Group is Visible” do “This element is visible = yes”. This sounds to me like “if this element is visible then make this element visible”.

Are you trying to persist the groups that are currently visible through a page load? One way to do this would be to save this with the user: Persist Dropdown list value between pages

For example, when toggling User component, make changes to current user (User Component = yes/no on the user dataset). You could then set a condition on the User Component to state “When current user’s User Component = yes, this element is visible = yes”.

Hi @mattb

This is the original state of the group page. it’s only visible when you call it with an action element.toggle.


So I want to override this condition and keep this group page visible when the page refreshes while the user is this view.

Would you consider trying to save these values to the user? It should work whether they are logged in or not.

A quick example for you:

Thank you for your time and for example.

I see your examples but it’s not what I’m asking or having an issue with.

If you look at the 1st screenshot on my first post. You’ll see I have multiple groups,7 so far.

I set only one group to be visible on page load (index); The others are visible by an action call (toggle).

What I want is, I want to override the “not visible on page load” state on all the groups that are set not to “show on page load.”

Eg: I set index to visible when page load. This is my landing age.
Then I set “sign-in” with the rest not to be available on page load, only by action call.

So if sign-in has been called and is now visible, I want to keep it visible when the page refreshes while it is visible, I want to override the first condition when sign-in is visible.

I hope I make sense, I feel silly reading this.

Try using parameters to control the visibility on page reload. That’s the best way to go.

Hi @mxolisipn

I use the plugin “browser storage” to keep track, if you want to keep your url clean.

I read on parameters thank you.

YouTube doesn’t seem to have enough nor clear vids on this topic. Are there any sources you can suggest for me to check along with bubble reference?


Hi @JohnMark

That plugin doesnt seem to be available on bubble.

Yes, the name changed.

this one too:

Thanks a lot, I will have a look at how they work.

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My bad! Hope you get sorted with one of the solutions listed above :slight_smile:

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