Keep repeating groups responsive and centred

Hey everyone!

I’m having a real problem with repeating groups not staying centred as I reduce the width of the screen.

I have 6 columns in a repeating group, which reduces down to 2 on mobile size and is great, but it hugs the left side of the screen on mobile, rather than staying in the centre.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


welcome to the club brother!

from what I’ver read the only solution for the moment is creating different groups and showing them dynamically, a bit cumbersome
Horizontal column centering of repeating groups - #2 by FJP

I read about inserting javascript code with Toolbox but personally didn’t work for me, you can read about it here
Centering repeating group elements

let me know if it works or find a way to do it :wink:

Just for everyone’s reference, solution is here - Centering repeating group elements - #6 by Christophe_HK