Sizing issues with repeating groups

Hey guys,

Does anyone know what the issue could be with a repeating group showing off center on a mobile view? I’ve designed the page to be the same size as the phone screen, but the data displays off to the left even though I have everything set to the center. Below are photos of what I have.

Overlapping elements of any kind seem to throw off the responsive engine. Clean edge cases are allowed. Also your group containing “I + view profile” seems centered it’s just that the view profile reaches it’s min width and breaks to the next line. Give it a bg color and you might see better. Uncheck all the fixed widths you have and play with the alignments. Usually better to build it below the button, keep both centered with some margins, and let the "view profile and “I” group snap up if there’s room instead of the way you have it built. Link me your editor if you need a hand.

Is there an element we’re not seeing that would push it off like that? I don’t think it’s your picture. Check your elements tree.

@duke.severn thank you, that did the trick. I’m having a problem now with scrolling down/up on this group. It only loads 3 max results so I’m lost as to why it slows/lags. Would you know what the problem would be? A screenshot of how I have the repeating group setup is below.


Send me an editor link and I’ll have a look. I can’t tell what your matches look like but if your pictures are very big (in your database) it will load slow.