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Keeping input text from a previous page/screen

I want a user to be able to input text and then go to another page where he/she can select which users to send the text to. But on preview, the multinput becomes empty on a new screen. How to I tie the previous screen/page’s multinput to the new screen so that a user can create a new post and select which users will receive the post?

There are a few ways to do this. Make sure you have done the “Sending data to a page” tutorial first though.

  1. Don’t have a new page, but use groups on the page. Have your first input in one group, then HIDE that group, and SHOW the group with the user selection dialog.

  2. Save the text somewhere temporarily, on the “User” perhaps, and then pull that back (everyone has a user, regardless of being signed in).

  3. Create a skeleton “thing” on the first page, give it a status so you can pick up if someone has closed their browser between pages. Then send the thing to the second page (see tutorial).

  4. Pass it in a parameter.

  5. is going to be the fiddliest in terms of page set up, but it is a good way to learn about controlling group.


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