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Multi Page Submit Form - Sending data along form pages

I’m trying to build a mutli page (group) form.

I built a pop up with two groups. The first group has the start of a form where I create a Thing with the first fields to fill in. On save, I hide the first group, show the second group which has the rest of the data I want to add to the Thing by 'Making Change to a thing".

The problem I’m having is telling bubble which thing to change.

This thread Multi Page Submit Form mentions “the object is then passed to page 2, where the user can then save the next set of data to the same ‘thing’.” How do I pass that object to what is my group 2?


I think you’re too complicated here! :slight_smile:

Why do you create the new thing after the first group has been hidden?

Let the user fill out the fields -> Button “Next” -> Hide Group 1, Show Group 2 -> Let the user fill out the fields -> Button “Save” -> WF: Create a new thing and add all fields.

If you want to stick with your approach. Set the 2nd group the type of your thing and when the user clicks on the “Next”-button -> WF: Create new Thing -> HideG1 -> SendData “Result from step1” -> ShowG2. You can then use the create thing from G1 in G2 (current thing).


Quite right I was over complicating it! I got it working as you suggested. Thanks!

Hi. How do you handle “required field” validation with this method? The first group doesn’t get validated for required fields.

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You’ll need to add the conditions to check for required fields on the next button. So for example you have 2 fields - first name and last name in the first part. Add a condition - If first name field’s value is empty or last name field’s value is empty, the button is not clickable.

Hope this helps.

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In addition you have to do a condition that checks the current step if you have 1 button for all steps combined.

Thanks @anil, @dev2. This works! I have lost the visuals of validation when the field is empty though. Still I will use this method.

Thanks again,

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You can set a condition to set the border red if the input is empty. :slight_smile:

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And this closes it, great!!! Thank you!

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Hi, my second form is in a different page, how do I get it to show on the first input page after setting the first page to hide?

Set the destination page to have the same content type of the thing from the origin group or page. And with the action go to page make sure to send the thing over (data to send)


@lowlymachine I’m working on multi-steps form builder with Bubble.
You can check the demo and see if this answer your question.

Demo: ramsha - simple form builder

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