User gets logged out on page refresh

Hello all,

Using Bubble for the very first time. I’m just getting an issue after I login and I refresh the page, I will automatically get logged out.

The workflow when I Login mentions “stay logged in” YES

Any help would be appreciated thanks !

Hello @ben4trader welcome to the community

It does not sound like you are using a default Bubble app.

Did you load a template perhaps?


I’m using a default Bubble app and built everything from scratch …

You can try it out :

Cannot help much from the outside :pensive:

Can you give us the e-mail and the password of a sample user so we can check it out?

Yes or you can just register it will log you in directly

email :
[email protected]


This is odd. It seams that we are, indeed, beeing logged out. But I can’t confirm this information, as the only thing I see, that justify this answer, is that the header changed (but, from outside, I can’t even say that I am sure that I was looget in).

Can you make your editor visible for us? (not editable, just visible).
Settings → General → Editor access permissions

As @cmarchan said, from outside, it is hard to tell what is going on.

This is what you should see once logged in (but I havent finished everything yet, I just started building the login feature). I just saw the user was getting disconnected on refresh and wanted to fix this first.

I’m fairly new to bubble and only started couple days ago learning it, so there might be beginner’s mistakes!! I changed the editor as you suggested. Let me know if I can do something else to help.

And thank you for your help/time. I appreciate it.

Ok. Now i figured out what is going on…
The user is not being logged out. You are faking this what lead you to this confusion…

You have another page called Login, if you check this process there, you will notice that everything is working fine. You can refresh the page how much you want, you will stay logged in untill you choose to logout.

Chech here:

So, what is going on with your page “Apps”? Nothing. The problem is in the header.

Note that you are ONLY informing that the user is logged in if he passes thru the login process. Everything are shown or hidden based on the workflow to login or logout. The correct would be to show or hide your elements based on the condition of if the user is or not logged in. The same process you did in your Login page.

Note the user’s name that you show in the middle of your header (Apps page). This information should be visible only IF the user is logged in. But it depends of other events that don’t have connection with the fact of your user is or not logged in.


Wow thank you so much for taking the time to check the issue. It really helped me to understand what I did wrong there :slight_smile:

Based on what you just wrote, I’ll be able to manage everything as I wanted !!!

Again, thank you so much for your time and have a good day !!!

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