Keywords missing in crawl reports

Hello Bubblers!

I created below website and now working on SEO. The strange thing to me now is that even if I type the same exact phrase from my website, I dont see my website in google

Phrase: “200+ New and Exciting Card Games from around the world to play with up to 3 Deck of Cards!! Then create your Room to play any card games online with up to 10 players for free!!”


Can anyone help me to understand why google does this? Isin’t it a flaw in google’s Algo :smiley:

When I use crawl sites to extract keywords, I dont see any of these keywords but just one keyword. What is happening to all these words then?

Just to add more details. I ran an SEO report for Keyword comparison and this is what I got:

The first keyword - “Card games” are there in my website:

So whats wrong here? Is this something to do with formatting? or google delay? or Crawl report error?!

Hello Guys!

Would really appreciate if anyone can give me some heads up here. I am really stuck at this SEO thing…Why none of my webapp keywords are being recognized by crawlers?

So Bubble no good for SEO? Guys any one? Is that a limitation for Bubble Apps?

Have a look


Thanks @Jici for the link. I did start with that and made all the recommended changes.

I have found the answer from guys. So posting here for everyone’s reference:

Organic Research report shows keywords that your domain is ranking for in the top-100 organic search results in Google. While the keyword “card games” is indeed used numerous times on your website - other websites are ranking for it at the moment(here are the latest US and IN SERP snapshots for this keyword). As a result, it is not reported for your website.

So basically I need work a lot on content and possibly generate backlinks to at least show up in top 100 :smiley:

Lesson learned: Developing the nocode app is just 30% effort, 30%SEO & 40% Marketing!!