SEO issues with Bubble Site

Has anyone nailed down SEO using bubble? My site has a meta title, meta description, I have several pages checked off for my site map file, I have title, description and headers for SEO for those pages but even when I copy and paste a paragraph from my home page on google, my website doesn’t show up. I think there’s something I need to check / uncheck to get the SEO to work but can’t figure it out. If any bubblers out there have any ideas, please let me know! Really appreciate the help!

Silly question, but have deployed the changes to the live environment?

Very good question because I would be the type of person to make that mistake but yes it is deployed in the live version. Are there any other issues you can think of?

Google needs to crawl your website before it can be indexed. Go to Google Search Console, you can check if there’s any problem with indexing and request to index your site.

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