(kinda solved) Possible very basic DB question

Dear All

I am new to Bubble, but how amazing it is here!!

I am looking for help to point me to the right lesson or place where i can learn more about how to search for entries in the DB with criterias.

Right now i am storing s3 URL’s audio files recorded by Zeroqode Audio Plugin, as new things in my DB “Audio” category. Here the URLS get saved along a “Title” and automatically the current “Creator” / User and in the future “Likes”

I would like to playback these URLS’s depending on different criteria for each user. But i cant figure out how to make a search for one field to get another field from the same entry. Simple example would be to search for all the “URLS” from the user “X”

And when it is playing, i would like to be able to store new likes to the currently playing audio. Searching for Audioplayer A’s current audio URL and make change to “Likes” + 1 for example in the same entry.

I know this is probably completely basic, and if so please help me get to the lesson that covers this, maybe i am building my DB wrong?


@hej - welcome to Bubble!

Could you expand a bit more on what you mean by “how to make a search for one field to get another field from the same entry”. Are you familiar with how to set up a database search using the “Do a search for” function? (If not, I’ll share a bit more about that).

As always, I like to point people to my intro lesson on How to build a grocery list app. It teaches some of the basic constructs of retrieving information from the database, thinking in terms of a relational database and thinking of things relative to specific users. Here’s a link.

Dan (creator of LearnTo - 15+ hours of Bubble tutorials and live coaching)

Hi Dan!

Thanks for the link, ill check your lesson!

Basically my Audio player plays a playlist continuously and i just need help to make a search for Audioplayer’s Current Audio URL and show the corresponding Title, or the Likes or the Creator for that file etc.

Does that make sense? Its probably extremely easy i just cant figure out what the right way to build the DB is to make the searches easy.

Best Rune

Okeh so i basically ended up creating it all with repeating groups and this allowed me to do the “searches” trough each cell’s “Audio” which is great. Now i then have some other problems i will maybe post later.

Basically what this tought me is that solutions never are where you look for them :slight_smile:

From what you wrote, I think the concept of inheritance of data source’s is something you may be looking to learn more about. (And, connected to that, referencing another container’s data source).

For example, you can draw a “group” on the page, and that page point to the Audioplayer’s current Audio as its data source. (Remember to set up the data type for the group as well). Then, within that group you can draw various text elements that reference the Audioplayer’s data (ex. title of the track).

Dear Dan

Exactly what i missed, i didnt realize groups could pass data, but now i understand that its a pretty crucial feature of bubble in general.

That being said it only solved my problen to a certain degree. On a list page with a repeating group and many audio players its easy to get the right DB info now to “Like” “Follow” etc. for each Audio.

But the main idea of the site is to play items continuously in one audio player which works fine. And then get the current playing Audio to find the Title, User, Likes etc. But Audio Player only gives me the URL, so i need to make a search somehow to find the other things in the DB