How to play audio from database?


I am trying how to play audio from the database but in a certain way. It is hard to explain so I will try to give an example. Let’s say the user data type has a field called Letters that a user put 4 letters in. There is also another data type called Letter_Sounds which has a file field for a .wav and a name field for the sound name. In the Letter_Sounds app data it includes multiple sounds that have every letter of the alphabet. How would I later at the press of a button read off the 4 letters inputted to the field called Letters from the of Letter_Sounds data type?

This was confusing to explain and probably hard to read but if you have any idea it would be a big help.


Have a read of that post for sound file playback.

I would look at creating a repeating group of inputs, similar to when you input a passcode or verification number on an app. then set each group to change focus when not empty.

I’m trying to make it so when the button is pressed and the current users Letter field is “AJKL” it will find the four audio files in the database named A, J, K, and L and play them in order.

yes so you need to store each character, individually, so the above will work. Or you could make a bunch of custom states and filter them on a workflow by count.

How would I tell it to grab each letter and play that file?

There is no point me doing it for you, you will not learn and you will not understand, plus I am busy trying to build my own app! You will be much better off if you take the info I’ve given you have a go at trying to input 1 letter and getting that to play your file when you click play with a workflow. then you try and get it to do 2 letters and then adding more is easy.

Its so rewarding when you get it working. Start small, think big.

Post back here if you get stuck.

I have put in some audio files and installed howler.
In the dynamic link for a howler, how exactly would I get it to read off the separate letters in the order the text is in.
Capture Capture2

I would make a custom state on the player for each file you need to play back. or you could setup a workflow for each one, but that might have performance issues. You need to experiment on this one.

I’m having trouble figuring out what to put into the value for the custom state, any idea?

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