Know when a repeating group is loaded - solved

It’s been bugging me for quite a while , to know if a repeating group has finished loading or not.

Today I’ve tried a super simple solution and it worked. I still did not test it thoroughly in many more situations, but I’m feeling optimistic.

It’s this simple: lets say the repeating group is called “RG”.
So it’s simple as checking RG’s count is RG’s count as a condition. I know it sounds stupid , but it just worked for me. It seems like it will force bubble to full calculate the RG’s final length and return true only when its actually finished populating it.

I’d love to know if this works for you.



Thanks for sharing. I love TIL (today I learned) type of stuff.

If you want more functionality for loading and iterate through the list, take a look at List Shifter.

Could you share your WF/condition?

What exactly is the difference in native “is loading” and this one? Are you suggesting that that one becomes false even before RG is loaded fully?