Anyone else have Repeating Groups that only load partially?

I have two different applications that, on page load, a repeating group loads only the first few results initially, (ex: 5 out of 20 results load in an RG with a row limit set to 10)… But then, as soon as I scroll a little in the RG itself, the other five load and I see all ten at once.

If you have a reproducible situation where data/content for some RG cells which are visible on screen is not being loaded, then I’d submit a bug report.

As you probably know, Bubble intelligently (progressively) loads content for cells as they scroll into view. Content for any cell that’s within view when the RG initially appears, though, should render without having to scroll.


Solved! From Bubble Support:

“This is expected behavior with filtered search results: essentially, what’s happening is that your repeating group loads the first 10 results that match your “Do a search for” operation at page load from the server, and then the filters are applied client-side to that data set, resulting in fewer than 10 results displayed. You may want to consider loading up an unfiltered list as an initial display, or adding an :items until x operator to the end of your expression.”