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Label printing like word

I’ve searched and found a couple of threads but not that have a clear answer.

Is there a way with a plugin to print labels (qr or barcode), im aware of the pdf plugins but is there anything that can make the print dynamic with labels?

I.E. I have a repeating group and it contains QR Code, name and ID, I would like to select “print” and it opens a pdf for printing, however the pdf would need to adjust for the amount of labels and place them. Just the same as if I would create labels with word or something.

Hello, I have achieved something similar to this using THIS plugin. It will take any page and convert it to PDF. For a quick solution: Upload a blank template of labels with marking to show position of each label. Creating repeating group with same dimensions as page/labels. Have bubble fill out the info in the RG and then convert the page to PDF and print. The plugin works very well. Use it in all my forms online with over 200 entries per day without an issue once you get it setup and running properly. You can also have it email the PDF’s (I use sendgrid)

Hope this helps.

@joseph.farinhas I have that in another app and it works good, I was thinking of the solution you gave but was wanting to see if anyone has done it since the last time a thread like this has been created.

One issue I may run into that ive been thinking of is when its in mobile view, I havent tested in my other apps since those are used more with a full size screen.

the pdf that is created is based on the format that is selected in the editor, so even if the mobile view is only a single column but four rows the pdf that gets generated would be 1 row with four columns. correct?

Sorry i cannot say for mobile. Almost all of my work on bubble has been targeted towards desktop users. For mobile users i have settings in the header that forces the screen to render at desktop resolution. Dirty lol but works. My users are mostly on desktop anyways.

Thanks for the help @joseph.farinhas

if you are interested:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=1200"/>

Is what i use to force desktop views. In my script/meta tag in the header

@joseph.farinhas so I’ve got the width set for the labels but the height is not static, the labels are 2x2 inches and I have that made for 12 to fit like they do on the labels however if there are less then 12 it stretches the height.

@twilson9034 Are they inside of a group? if you set the group height to the height you need, it should not let it shrink. Looking back at my pages i setup for the PDF; I had an image size 816x1056. This was the actual blank form I had created on word and turned into a jpeg. Then i had text elements displaying the text i needed. All this was inside of a group which was 816x1056. Strange numbers but it worked and i never thought of messing with it. I think putting everything in a group will help you out if its not already. Threw in my sizes so you have an idea incase you didnt get that part; it took me a while to figure it out.

Not the contents within the repeating group, ill try that, funny the things you don’t think about sometimes.

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Hi @joseph.farinhas

Thanks for the post. Helpful to learn the plugin you use for the pdf creation.

How are you doing the printing? Are you just printing the pdf using browser controls or do you do something from within your app to initiate a print?