Let user's PRINT an invoice/order as PDF

I have a group that is layed out like a paper-invoice, showing all invoice details based on data entered in an invoice-form.

Is there a way to let the user print this group/invoice as a PDF, it should look exactly like the group’s layout?

(And how will it respond to the responsive engine on various screen resolutions?)

There are a handful of PDF printing plugins on the plugin store. As far as printing, if you want it to look exact, I would use a fixed width everything instead of using the responsive engine.

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I see they all talk about “url-page to PDF”, i’m looking to print PDF on a GROUP, not a whole page

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I have a suggestion, try capturing that group into an image with a plugin named “Element to image” and then inserting that image into a pdf using a plugin named “PDF Conjurer”. If you try that, consider updating here with how it went for you.

Thanks in advance!

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