Landing Page Discussion (outside of bubble)

Who has the best landing page designer that can pass form submissions data to bubble. Any suggestions would be great.
Two items I have to consider.

  1. Send form submission data via webhook. That part has been easy to create.
  2. Send user to

This way we can redirect the user to the bubble app and look for the new webhook submission to fill it with the data they need to see.

Whoever you are, you are AWESOME… in advance.


Have you consider Make or Zapier?

Funny! I was just looking at zaps. But my biggest issue is dynamically sending the user to a new url based on a unique ID form submission. After form submission the user would need to be redirected to bubble. I would read the url and match it with the webhook. Not sure a zap can alter the url after form submission from “example landing page .com”. I’ll look at Make.

Why don’t you send the dynamic data via URL parameters?

Instead of sending form data via webbooks, you can send via URL through parameters (e.g. ?fname=nick& when user submits the form - which is simply creating dynamic url on submit.
You can then use a workflow when the page loads in your bubble app, get the data from url, save data to your db and do the rest.

Sorry if I misunderstood what you’re trying to.

Thanks ferhatg. Yeah that seems to be the issue. I’m having trouble specifically with Wix. My marketing guy wants to use it. After form submit the struggle is generating the url parameters. I don’t like wix.

Webflow has a webhook feature and they have the best design editor in my opinion

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