Langing page and online store

Hello, I need to create a simple, but creative landing page. After that, I need an online store with the same theme (shoes). Some example that I like - (but more simple). there are no special design restrictions for the landing page, your suggestions and vision of how it can be implemented are also welcome. Thank you.


Why choose bubble for a visual landing page and an e-commerce store?

It takes way more work with bubble than with using WordPress and WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, etc… these solutions are stock responsive and have a lot integrations, in bubble you have to implement this all by yourself.

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Hi Please check pm

Hello @4bestconsult, did you had chance to check bubble templates ?

@4bestconsult - do not go with @richard.h. He and his CIS lot are scammers. Just thought I’d warn you.